To gain new business partnerships by strengthening the brand perception

About Brand

Aliş Makina is a family company that was founded in 1963 and is maintained by the third generation today. They design products specific to the needs of their customers in different production areas such as conveyor, machine production and line solutions.


We started to work with Aliş Makina to improve the unfinished websites. However, the inconsistency of the visual identity with the brand personality and the difficulty of applying the logo to printed materials enlarged the framework of the project. As the project company, we had difficulty in explaining the services and services due to the fact that they do not have a specific product range and confidentiality agreements.


By analyzing the marketing goals and needs of the brand, we created a more modern and minimal visual identity. We renewed the old and difficult-to-apply logo by making it easier to read. In the new color palette, we used gray and yellow in accordance with the company’s machinery, conveyor and automation projects. The new logo and visual identity has been applied to the website and other print/digital media. We solved the problem of describing services and services, which are not fixed because they vary according to the project, and details cannot be shared due to confidentiality, by preparing content according to the conveyor types and automation types they produce.