Guiding the process of coming out of the cocoon of the brand

About Brand

Lisa Iplik Sanayi, a sub-brand of Batmaz Tekstil, has been supplying yarn to domestic and foreign manufacturers since 2019.


After the success of the visual identity renewal in Batmaz Tekstil, they wanted to work with us for their sub-brand Lisa İplik. What was asked of us for the project was that we do a job in the line of Batmaz Tekstil, but there was not much similarity.


As in the example of Batmaz Tekstil, we started with a minimal and single color design approach. First of all, sketches of the logo design were made. We decided to go over the butterfly, which is the stage of silkworm after production. We also made a reference to the Batmaz Tekstil logo with an arrangement in typography. In order to distinguish the brand from its competitors, we have positioned it on the perception of sustainability and recycled yarn, which has become increasingly important in the world textile industry. With the addition of recycled yarns to the company’s product range, we rearranged the contents accordingly.