Bringing the brand's past and future together today

About Brand

The brand, whose story goes back to the 1960s, is engaged in fabric production, row yarn and fabric dyeing, synthetic and natural yarn transfer, dobby and jacquard weaving processes. It exports its products to countries such as Italy, Germany, England, France, Japan, USA and Russia.


The company, which has a deep-rooted history, resisted changes in logo and visual identity at the beginning of the project.


Together with the brand consultant, we decided to use minimal lines and a single color for the new visual identity to be created. We used the weight of black, using a sharp typography to reflect the company’s history in the new logo. At first, we shared a few sketches. We prepared a target emblem design based on the evaluations and after a few applications we reached the current logo. As a result of the project, we gave the brand a visual identity that blends the traces of its past with its future goals.